About Us

Founded in November 2017, Nebula AI is a global AI cloud computing solutions provider in Montreal, dedicated to applying the world’s leading distributed cloud leasing technology to the field of artificial intelligence, providing cost-effective machine learning, edge computing/private cloud and hybrid cloud services worldwide. We can significantly reduce the cost of machine learning training, effectively shorten the deployment time, and eliminate the performance and expansion bottlenecks of large-scale clusters. Currently, Nebula AI has set up R&D centers in Canada and China. Our products and services have already been well received by renowned education companies and universities in North America.

Partnering with industry experts

We support our customers to meet their specific needs

Concordia University

Use Case

Nebula AI teamed up with Dr. Thomas Fevens of Concordia University to establish and promote a big data deep learning program for medical imaging. Using the NBAI Cloud Platform for research in areas of cancer malignancy classification using cytological and histopathological imagery, clinical image segmentation, and applying deep learning to medical imaging problems

Informatique Athensoft Inc.

Use Case

Nebula AI and Informatique Athensoft formed a strategic cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence education. We provide Notebook and related support for data science, artificial intelligence, AI educational robotics, Python programming and application development, Java and enterprise application development, system architecture and software engineering classes. Our product and services deliver significant savings in infrastructure costs and efficient classroom instruction

McGill University

Use Case

Research projects in collaboration with computational genomics laboratories are in the testing phase, and researchers use the NBAI cloud platform to perform AI training tasks. Avoiding the large time and economic costs of waiting for public computing resources

Partner with us to grow your business:

• Providing a variety of solutions and rich resources together with a wide array of AI cloud products

• Using distributed ledger technology with decentralized ID system for GPU servers

• Boost data center management efficiency by quickly launching node and swiftly deploy new data center, provide low latency among centers

• Using multi-data center bidding model, enterprise resource sharing technology and container-based GPU timeshare to reduce cost by 70%

• Using blockchain technology to protect data ownership, prevent fraud and data theft

• Using smart contract-based technology for machine learning task processing and transparent credit system