AI Solutions

Cutting-edge AI technologies for next generation

Computer Vision

Object Detection
Defect Inspection
Action Recognition
Video Analysis
Image to Text
Facial Recognition
Scene Recognition
Sensitive Image Detection
Medical Imaging Analysis
Fake Image Authentication

Text Analysis

Semantic AI
Custom Translation
Files Similarity
Automatic Term extraction
AI Driven Review
Patient Record Process
AI Chatbots

AI Hardware

Smart Camera
Smart Hardware
AI Medical Devices
Edge Computing

Speech Recognition

Speech to Text
Voice Authentication
Pronunciation Assistant
Voice Wakeup

Data Mining

Recommendation System
Risk Assessment
User Portrait Analysis
Data Visualization

Time Series Analysis

EEG Analysis
ECG Analysis
Financial Data Analysis
Seismic AI

Advanced technologies tailored for your industry needs

Smart Manufacturing

Connect the dots in your production process with NBAI Smart Manufacturing. Our Smart Manufacturing (SM) is a pioneering approach that utilizes AI to detect its environment and produce valuable feedback. From product inspection to code recognition system, we enable your business to bridge the skill gaps and optimize your production potential.

Case Studies

AI Healthcare

Based on the knowledge graph of healthcare, intelligent disease database can be constructed through deep mining, extraction, and structuration of data with artificial intelligence. With our intelligent disease database, “AI + big data” research platform, regional vital research data center, intelligent assisted diagnosis system and other solutions are made available to facilitate clinics, teaching, research, and management.

Case Studies

AI Education

Through utilizing deep learning, we construct the knowledge graph of education and simulating the study path of students. Adaptive learning technology is at the heart of our personalized learning experience.

Case Studies

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