AI Worker Guide

Rent out your computing power for a real profit

What is AI worker

AI Workers are computing resource providers in orion cloud platform.

Individual GPU machine may download latest packages, install and join into Orion network.

By simply running a few commands, AI tasks from Orion will be automatically dispatched to AI workers, you will be able to rent out your computing power for a real profit.


Minimum system requirements:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
  • Installation of python 3.
  • Nvidia CUDA-capable GPU(GeForce GTX 1060 6GB and up).
  • Installation of CUDA>=9.0, Nvidia-driver>=384.81.


-- updated January 24, 2019

Before Installing

Download and initialize

1. Download latest released AI worker package, unzip file manually and extract with Archive Manager.

2. Open your extracted folder, right-click and select “Open in Terminal”, execute the following command:

$ chmod +x
$ ./

Note: You will be asked to type in administrator password at this step. Answer “Yes” or “Y” while being asked.


Restart your system, in order to enable root permission for the following steps.

Open your folder, right-click and select “Open in Terminal”:

$ docker pull nbaicloudplatform/tf1.8_torch_cuda9:latest


Join ledger group

1. Open your extracted folder, execute in terminal:

$ python3

2. Enter ledger node url, NBAI wallet address and ledger url ( ledger list ):


A benchmark test will be executed on your machine. You will see your benchmark score in terminal prompt.


Make Deposit

For the first time users joining, ai workers are required to make a credit deposit to their selected ledger.

Keep your terminal open and open the file /worker deposit/index.html :

1. In your browser page, enter your ledger info and click “Load Ledger”.


2. Enter your wallet and click “Load Wallet”"


3. Enter your worker ID, click “Load Worker”.


4. Enter the amount of NBAI you will deposit for this worker ID. Click “Deposit”.

Note: If transaction is successful, click again “Load Worker” you will now see “Eligible”.


You are all set! The following message on your terminal showed that you have joined Orion successfully. New tasks will be automatically sent to you.