AI Worker

Rent out your computing power for a real profit


AI Workers are computing resource providers in Orion Cloud Platform. They execute AI tasks and receive NBAI as rewards. Individual GPU machine may download latest packages, install and join into Orion network. By simply running a few commands, AI tasks from Orion will be automatically dispatched to AI workers, you will be able to rent out your computing power for a real profit.




  • • Intel Sandy Bridge (2011) or later, Core i3 or higher class


  • • One or more NVIDIA® GPU card with CUDA® Compute Capability 3.5 or higher. See the list of CUDA-enabled GPU cards.


  • • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is preferred
  • • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is Compatible
  • • A new installed system is preferred


  • • A NBAI wallet having NBAI (having both wallet address and private key)

-- Updated: March 5, 2019


Warning: Please backup all personal data before any following step.

  1. Extract 'nbai_worker' folder out of the zip file.
  2. Open a terminal on the folder just extracted(right click on the folder and select 'Open in Terminal'), and enter
  3. cd installer

    chmod +x ./

    sudo ./

  4. Follow the information prompt
  5. Reboot is required




    "ledger": "",

    "node": "",

    "wallet": "0xeF980D9ACB9Bd396b38b0A0A5de834d70A9b9125",

    "price_limit": "1",

    "dual_mode": true


  1. "ledger" and "node" are on your choice. You can choose your preferred service provider or use the default we provided.
  2. Please check our Orion Cloud for all available official choices.

  3. "wallet" is used to pay and receive NBAI. Deposit for worker will be charged to this wallet, and output from mining and doing task will be saved to this wallet.
  4. Please make sure you have the private key of this wallet for future usage.

  5. "price_limit" is recommended to keep as default.
  6. "dual_mode" controls 'mining when idle' functionality.
    • • When true, worker will mine NBAI when waiting for a task.
    • • When false, worker will not mine NBAI when waiting for a task.


In the terminal, enter


Getting Help

For questions, issues regarding ai worker, please submit email requests.


All code is licenced under GNU General Public License v3.0.